Saturday, February 13, 2010

How I became a Furkid.

It was a hot, humid day in June. MommaCat went off somewhere and left me sleeping in the shade with my litter mates. But I awoke and got bored. I felt adventurous and decided to track MommaCat. I was barely ten days old but I started to trudge through the jungle of Bermuda grass and Dandelions playing Tiger on my short wobbly legs. It was slow going and I'd traveled over forty feet. I was hot so I stopped to rest a bit under a shrub. Suddenly I saw a large shadow moving across the grassy plain blocking out the Sun. I looked up to see a giant animal bending down to look at me. I thought if I stayed very still it wouldn't see me. I was wrong. My orange striped coat contrasted with the green grass and gave away my position. I was afraid but was determined to be fierce like my wild ancestors. I let out my mightiest roar... Mew-w-w! "Well hello little cutie!", said the giant as she picked me up. My first thought was "What kind of Cat is this?". It was a very strange breed indeed, and humongous! The giant cradled me in her paws and took me inside her den where it was cool. She held me close stroking me softly and cooed soothingly, a strange type of purr. Oddly I wasn't afraid. My curiosity overpowered me. This cat's den was intriguing. I sensed more adventure! I was so small I fit snuggly in one of the She giant's paws like a cradle. She rocked back and forth and soon I was napping. When I woke up there was another giant! This one looked more like a Cat. It had whiskers all over it's face. "Sh-h-h", said the She giant. "What have we here?"' asked the He giant. "Happy Father's Day!", said the She giant. The He giant looked me over closely, then let out a big sneeze! AH-CHOOOO. "That can't be good!" I thought. I gave him my most pitiful, helpless look with my big Blue eyes (they hadn't changed yet) and he caved. He went out and got a Kitty bottle and some formula and the She giant hand fed me. Boy was I thirsty! And I had this nipple all to myself! I thought about my MommaCat and siblings...but not for long. Soon I had a cozy bed all my own and all the kitty milk I could swallow. The She giant got rid of all the pesky fleas from my fur. Ah-h-h that felt so good! As I explored their lair I found all sorts of cool things to play and do. I could pretend to be a mountain lion by jumping on the furniture. I even tried flying!...once. So, I adopted my giant cat family and we've lived happily ever since.

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