Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My typical day

Being me is so fe-licious. I am the prince of my domain and I go forth to every room in the house. My every desire is cat-ered to by Meowm and Papurr so that I have only to live the life of leisure. And I am an expert at that. My main activity is lounging and there are a miriad of places suitable for this passtime. The Coffee table allows me to gaze out the big window and watch birds and butterflies and squirrels cavort for my amusement. When they bore me I snooze full length on the cool glass top. I wake only to stretch and change position, then resume my slumber perchance to dream of chasing some wild creature, since I would never exert the energy to do it while awake. The back of the recliner gives me an imperial view of the living room where I hold court and on occasion I leap very deftly onto Papurr's shoulder so he can carry me to the kitchen. Once there I indulge myself with the contents of my special hand thrown pottery bowls. After all that activity I must retire to my ladies closet for a snooze on the thick carpet. Eventually I amble down the hall to the sunroom and have a visit with the air conditioner and commend it on it's unfailing devotion to keeping me cool through this longest and hottest of summers. I shall give it a knighthood. Like all good monarchs I see to the protection of my people by laying on the rug right in front of the back door to make it difficult to go in or out. This tedious chore makes me drowsy so I take the opportunity to catch a nap but with ears ever alert to dangers.......that might hurt Me! Such rigorous exercise gives me an appetitie again so I stalk stealthily like a Lion, King of the Jungle, back to my dining nook. There in my dish is a wad of imaginary prey from my hunting expedition of the night before. Ah, nighttime! My favorite part of the day. So much intrigue! The strangest critters come out in the dark. I enjoy capturing and taunting them before I eat them. At dawn I talk to the Sun and begin to rouse my subjects by nipping at their toes or walking the full length of their body and then sitting on their back and staring at their head. They don't fool me by playing possum, I know they're awake and we have a duel of patience, I always win. Once the household is active I return to my throne, the coffee table, and take a leisuely bath being sure to groom every inch of my beautiful fur. It's so important for one to keep up one's appearance. I allow my subjects to flatter and stroke me a while and then I circle the table for the best spot and lay down to begin my routine oncemore, beginning with a nap. Being King is so enervating.

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